In Hero Mode Comedy Trailer, Heroes Try to Create Greatest Video Game

The network has a trailer for a new comedy about the video game Hero Mode, where one of the main roles was played by Sean Estyn (โ€œLord of the Ringsโ€). The story is about an indie studio that faces problems when developing the game. In order to cope with difficulties, the chief of the firm puts at the head of creating his own son, who understands this issue.

However, many employees are dissatisfied with this decision, moreover, development of the great game hero has only 30 days. The film will premiere in cinemas in the United States on June 4, and whether the tape will be released in Russian rental is unclear.

It is possible that the case will be limited to a digital release. More on CCeit EA presented a tool for creating posters Mass Effect Legendary Edition media: in a year Sony will begin production of PS5 on a 6-nanometer chip Sony sued for monopoly on selling digital copies of games.