In honor of Tropicos 20th anniversary, Tropico 6 adds festive content

Kalypso Media recalled that the very first Tropico premiered on April 24, 2001. And in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the famous series of strategic economic simulators, developers arrange a holiday for fans. To begin with, Tropico 6 add festive content.

Players can start hunting for piรฑatas in the form of lamas, place new decorations in the city, arrange a show with fireworks and finally build for El Presidente a palace of pure gold. Those who still do not bought Tropico 6 or missed some of the parts of the series, it‘s a good time to pay attention to the sale.

All games of the series and additions to them fell by 20 -75%. Discounts are valid until 26 April.

Kalypso Media itself is also celebrating the anniversary: it started its history in April 2006, at that time there were only two employees in the studio. Now the company employs 150 people, and its offices are located in four countries.

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