In hostage-taking at Ubisoft office suspected cheater with 80 cans in Rainbow Six Siege

On November 13, reports emerged that Ubisoft‘s Montreal office had taken hostages โ€” but it turned out that the call was false. Today, the Canadian newspaper LA Presse told about the suspect. They became the Frenchman Yanni Ouahyun under the nickname Y4NN0xx, who was banked more than 80 (!) times in Rainbow Six Siege for using cheats.

Moreover, the government has already accused him of creating fake website Ubisoft to steal other players’ accounts. However, this is not all.

In 2017, he apparently organized a swatting – misled the police, because of which the assault squad went to the home of virtual enemy Ouahyun. Potentially there could be much more such cases with him.

False calls to Ubisoft office after November happened twice โ€” on December 18 and January 6. All this cost the publisher dearly: for example, the November incident alone cost the company about 1.

75 million dollars: most of it fell to โ€œlost productivityโ€, but also on psychologists and material damage. Ouahioun himself denies everything: โ€œI didn‘t do anything โ€” I was just chiterel in their game.

I only once called Ubisoft to insult them for my ban in Rainbow Six Siege. โ€ Also the cheater claims that now he doesn’t even have a computer – only old phones.

But in the middle of interviews with reporters, he asked them to hand over Ubisoft so they would dilute it. And then he spent about 135 thousand rubles (1500 euros) on cosmetics in the game.

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