In ‘Incorrigible Ron’ trailer, robot is taught daily life

The network has a trailer for a new cartoon โ€œIncorrigible Ronโ€ about the unusual friendship of a guy with a newly acquired robot. According to the story, there were robot assistants in the world, who can not only move and talk, but also help children maintain social connections and generally keep informed of events. Such robots have everyone, except the protagonist Barney, because of what he feels lonely.

On his birthday, he receives such a robot named Ron, but here a catch is found, because he gets a defective unit with errors. But the protagonist decides not to give up and independently teach him everything he knows about life.

The cartoon is scheduled to premiere on October 21, one of the directors was Sarah Smith (โ€œSanta Claus Serviceโ€). Duplicate Trailer Trailer in original language More on Gambling Bob Iger sold half of his shares to Disney for nearly $100m to Sony will close page for returns Cyberpunk 2077 already on June 18 Authors of โ€œLove, Death and Robotsโ€ told about the creation of Season 2.