In Japans NIer: Replicant trailer showed plenty of fresh footage of remaster

Square Enix released a fresh trailer for NIer: Replicant — true, only in Japanese. The video lasts more than three minutes, during which they show many different scenes, gameplay segments and even boss battles. Fans can appreciate how much work the developers have done, and beginners – to get acquainted with the predecessor of NIER: Automata.

The remaster will be released on April 23 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Prior to that, the first comparisons of the original to the reissue appeared.

Enthusiasts have already managed to make a comparative video of the original and remaster on the basis of a fresh trailer. More on CCeit Tom Holland on cameo other Spiders: Marvel didnt tell me anything Player comments daily on trailer The Elder Scrolls VI Duck order of release superheroes for & laquo; Avengers — Spider-Man next.