In Lebanon, bank robbers are heroes: “Well done!”

With a gun and a bottle of gasoline, Bassam walked into the bank. He held the employees and customers who were inside hostage and waited just as long to get part of his savings.

It may sound crazy, but for many people in Lebanon, Bassam is a hero because of his action.

Money problems

Lebanon, a country in the Middle East, has major financial problems. Banks have very little money there. People are therefore only allowed to withdraw a few hundred euros a month from the bank. Even if they have a lot more money in their account.

Hospital payment

Bassam needed money to pay for the hospital where his father was lying. For months, he did not receive any money from the bank, even though he actually had it. That‘s why he robbed the bank.

Bassam hasn’t been alone for a long time. Banks are being robbed more and more frequently in Lebanon. Recently, even seven in one day.


For many people, Bassam and the other bank robbers are heroes. They understand that you‘re using violence to get your own savings back. Many Lebanese people also believe that the money problems are the fault of the country’s leaders.

Of course, the robberies are not so nice for the employees of the banks. To stop the robberies, the banks are therefore closed for five days. Bassam thinks that is a ridiculous solution. According to him, there should be a plan as soon as possible to really solve the money problems.