In May, Wreckfest for PS5 will only be in PS Plus – buy the game will be given only on June 1

THQ Nordic confirmed to CCeit that Wreckfest for PlayStation 5 will not be on sale until June 1 โ€” access to the race in May can be accessed exclusively by PS Plus. The situation resembles Destruction AllStars, when the game was distributed only by subscription, and the opportunity to purchase it separately appeared only after the end of PS Plus – in early April. The same thing happens with Wreckfest.

The reasons for this decision are not called, but perhaps in this way Sony wants to encourage PlayStation owners to purchase a subscription – in fact it is not only a distribution of free games, but also an exclusive bonus. No way else within a month can not get it.

The games fresh PS5 trailer is among the features of 4K at 60 frames per second with high-speed downloads, improved lighting and dynamic dirt. Multiplayer lobbies can now be able to fit up to 24 players.

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