In Miami, hope is shrinking, finding survivors, rescue workers dont give up

Six days after the collapse of an apartment building near Miami Beach, Florida, rescue workers are still looking for survivors. Dozens of missing residents relatives watch the operation from a nearby building, between hope and fear.

Since a few hours after the building collapse, last week in the night of Wednesday and Thursday local time, no people have been taken alive from under the rubble. However, the authorities continue to stress that they are not giving up yet and that there is no purely salvation operation yet.

The death toll has risen to eleven after the discovery of two bodies. In addition, there are 150 missing people. Whether they were all present in the building is not clear.

Burns and heavy showers

Earlier Mayor Charles Burkett outlined which makes the rescue operation so difficult. The collapse has led to a huge mass of debris between which there are almost no spaces, similar to โ€œa pile of pancakesโ€.

Therefore, in order to reach any survivors, large equipment is not only used. There are also rows of rescuers with buckets to drain small pieces of debris without causing new collapses. Dogs, sonar and radar equipment are also used. The rescue work is further complicated by burning in the debris and heavy showers.

The cause of the collapse of the twelve-story complex is under investigation, but the fact is that a report was written in 2018 that architects report structural errors. In April this year, the owners association also warned that there is visible damage in the car park that is getting worse and worse. It was also pointed to damage to the roof. The advice was to allocate at least $15 million for repairs, U.S. media reports.