In Moscow increased the permissible percentage of occupancy of cinema halls

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin allowed cinemas in the capital to increase the permissible percentage of occupancy of halls. Since November last year, due to the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic, it was possible to sell only 25% of all places, while now the number has been increased to 50%. According to Sobyanin, such relaxation was given due to the fact that the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection inspires cautious optimism.

Probably, the example of the capital will be followed by many other regions of Russia, raising the permissible percentage of visits. More on CCeit K-2SO from Rogue One will appear in the series Andor not immediately Test HITMAN 3 from Digital Foundry: Xbox Series X bypassed PS5 by resolution Rogalik Skul : The Hero Slayer exited Early Steam Access.