In new Bleak Faith: Forsaken trailer seen how the game has changed

Hardcore role-playing action movie Bleak Faith: Forsaken in 2019 passed Kickstarter, and the game was planned to be released in 2020 on RS. She still does not have a release date, but developers, Miลกo Vukcevic and Mirko Staniฤ‡ from Montenegro, announced that the game page on Steam. To the first hint of a possible early announcement of deadlines release creators Bleak Faith timed a new trailer with snippets of boss battles, fantastic locations and some story episodes.

You can compare with last years demo to make sure how the game has changed. Hero Bleak Faith: Forsaken – Disown, the defender of humanity from the horror of some Omnistructure, which is looming on peace, and it has to survive on the far behind and decide the fate of the world.

Players are promised at least 30 hours of passage, deep role-playing system and procedural generation. In early access Steam game plan to release this year.

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