In new trailer, After the Fall told of enemies and battles

Studio Vertigo Games has published a new trailer for the future virtual reality shooter After the Fall. And the main focus in it was on showing monsters and how we can separate with them. After the Fall action takes place in the alternate 1980s in Los Angeles.

After the apocalypse, these territories are covered in snow and people were forced to go underground. However, from time to time scouts have to go outside for supplies, and there they are already waiting for monsters and huge bosses.

For confrontation prepared a whole arsenal of various weapons with endless cartridges: it can be mined, created (and right during battle) and improved. In battles, special skills are also useful, which are unlocked as progress.

After The Fall is a shooter for teams of four people, which, however, can be done alone. The game will be released on RS and PlayStation 4 this summer.

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