In new video adaptation of Resident Evil told about Leon Kennedy

The writers of the new Resident Evil film continue to release videos about the movie‘s characters โ€” this time it’s Leon Kennedy‘s turn. His role in the film is played by Evan Jogia (โ€œSozioโ€), whose casting caused the most fan outrage at the announcement โ€” because the actor, to put it mildly, looks nothing like Leon from the games. According to the film’s director and screenwriter Johannes Roberts, the film‘s authors wanted to show a younger version of the character when he had not yet become an action hero.

Leon is still unsure of himself and the whole zombie situation is a novelty for him. The director’s choice of actor explained his desire to find a professional who could faithfully convey the spirit of the character.

He didn‘t want to look for just a similar artist who wouldn’t be able to show Leon‘s character. Resident Evil: Raccoon City will be released in Russia on December 2.

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