In photo mode Control managed to compare PS5 and Xbox Series X – the latter above FPS

It turns out that in the photo mode Control for new generation consoles in the โ€œqualityโ€ mode, the game removes the limit on the frame frequency, so you can compare the PS5 and Xbox Series X. ; In the available modes, recall, both consoles show almost identical results: the PS5 loses a little more frames, and Xbox Series X when FPS falls, hangs occur. The rest of the versions are the same.

During gameplay with retracing, you can not remove the limit of 30 FPS, but in photomod the limit on the frame rate for some reason increases to 60 FPs. On Xbox Series X, according to the tests Digital Foundry, the difference performance with PS5 can reach 9-10 FPS.

Microsoft‘s video processor console is about 16 -20% more powerful than the Sony system module, so the result can be called even expected. In some scenes on Series X even shows stable 60 FPS, however in others the performance can drop to 33 frames โ€” and it is worth considering that this is in photo mode, without dynamic scenes.

In gameplay, the frame frequency may be lower. As it is believed in DF, if desired, Remedy can implement a mode with a reduced resolution, but retracing at 60 FPS – as Insomniac did in two parts of โ€œSpider-Manโ€.

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