In Poland, the “School of the Witchers” was closed – CD Projekt Red revoked its license

It is reported that CD Projekt Red revoked the license of the Polish School of Witchers, which was founded in 2015. The co-founders of the project from 5 Elements believe that this decision was made due to activities of a former employee who worked at the School as a lawyer and had ties to Ordo Juris, a Catholic organization that advocates against abortion and LGBTQ+, as well as the suppression of the right women. By the way, this employee is the wife of one of the co-founders.

5 Elements claim that the womans personal life did not affect her work in any way. The official statement notes that the team of the School of Witchers consisted of people with different political, social and moral views, and the team accepted professionals of their .

CD Projekt Red refused to provide details on the question. 5 Elements wants to develop its own universe — already without the Witcher brand.

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