In Project: Skyscraper we are waiting for a battle royale on skyscrapers

South Korean studio Ratatat has announced their new project. This is a first-person shooter Project: Skyscraper with an open world and elements of battle royal. Action Project: Skyscraper takes place in the near future, from 2025 to 2045, and in setting realism combines with technology.

Players will be available a number of cities with skyscrapers, which can be explored, mining equipment and weapons. Developers promise that the game will abound with current trends and will certainly have to like millennials and โ€œgeneration Zโ€.

Players will be able to move freely around the territories and in the air, using the gliders and the park system. The premiere of Project: Skyscraper is due in 2022.

First, the game will be released on the RS, and then on other platforms, while supporting cross-platform. More on Gamomania Epic Games bought ArtStation and made training courses free Titanfall 2 became temporarily free on Steam Fort Triumph turns a year, and now the game will be released on consoles.