In rolled up drug lab Vroomshoop crystal meth was made

In the drug lab that was dismantled last week at Vroomshoop, the drug was made crystal meth. An arrest team raided a gym in the town of Twente last week on Sunday afternoon. The drug lab was located in a secluded area of the building and had no connection to the gym.

Among the six people who are imprisoned for this, there are also two Mexicans. Another suspect is of Colombian descent. It is the second crystalmethlab dismantled in Overijssel, reports RTV Oost.

Mexicans are known as experts when it comes to the production of crystal meth. This is a complicated process, for which Mexican โ€œlab techniciansโ€ are specially flown in.

Increase crystalmethlabs

The highly addictive crystal meth is a relatively new drug for the Netherlands. In 2016 in our country for the first time a lab was rolled up where it was made, last year there were nine. In the first half of this year the counter stood at sixteen.

The increase may be due to the fact that the Netherlands already has many existing labs for synthetic drugs such as ecstasy. These can be easily made suitable for the production of the much more lucrative crystal meth with some adjustments.

Police have put a team of about a hundred detectives nationwide on the fight against crystal meth. Because there is a lot of money in it, there is a fear of increasing violence. The police also want to prevent Mexican drug cartels from expanding their influence to the Netherlands.