In Russia, pre-orders of some PS5 games are more expensive than PS4 versions with free upgrade

Since yesterday, Sony has slowly opened pre-order collection for the PlayStation 5 starting line games in its digital store. However, it is possible to purchase new products only on the PlayStation website, and not in the traditional PlayStation Store, and it is often difficult to find games pages. We have collected all available pre-orders in the store at the moment.

Watch Dogs: Legion โ€” 12 November* Standard Edition โ€” 4999 rubles Gold Edition โ€” 6699 rubles Ultimative Edition โ€” 7279 Rubles Worth paying attention that The standard PlayStation 4 edition, which also includes the PlayStation 5 version, sells 500 rubles cheaper. We have already reached out to Ubisoft for comment.

In addition, the website states that the version of โ€œLegionโ€ for PS5 will still be released on November 12, not on the number 24. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War โ€” 13 November* Set โ€œTwo Generationsโ€ โ€” 5359 rubles Ultimative edition โ€” 7129 rubles.

Again in the new store prices are higher: in the store for PS4 the set โ€œTwo Generationsโ€, which includes versions for PS4 and PS5, sold for 4949 rubles, and the ultimative edition โ€” 5849 rubles. HITMAN 3 โ€” January 20 Standard Edition โ€” 4999 rubles Extended edition โ€” 6429 rubles.

As with Watch Dogs: Legion, PlayStation 4 versions are sold much cheaper and includes free upgrades to PS5:3999 rubles and 5199 rubles (4679 rubles for PS Plus respectively). Remake of Demon‘s Souls โ€” 12 November* Standard Edition โ€” 5499 rubles Expanded Edition โ€” 6899 Rublefresh screenshots and the composition of the expanded edition of Demon’s remake Souls โ€œSpider-Man: Miles Moralesโ€ โ€” 12 November* Standard Edition โ€” 4299 rubles Ultimative Edition โ€” 5499 rubles.

The composition of the edition for 5499 rubles, in addition to โ€œMilesโ€, includes a remaster of the first part for PS5. Godfall โ€” 12 November* Standard edition โ€” 5719 rubles Expanded edition โ€” 7129 rubles Edition Ascended โ€” 5749 rubles.

The enlarged edition includes the first story addition, and Ascended, in addition, also a set of different virtual bonuses like guises. Godfall Cinematic Movie and Start Pre-Orders on PlayStation 5 for 5719 RubleDestruction AllStars โ€” 12 November* Standard Edition โ€” 5499 rubles Extended Edition โ€” 6199 rubles.

Authors of Destruction AllStars told about gameplay loop, characters and smartsackBoy: A Big Adventure โ€” 12 November* Standard edition โ€” 5499 rubles Extended edition — 6199 rubles. Far Cry 6 โ€” 18 February Standard edition โ€” 4499 rubles Gold edition โ€” 6699 rubles Ultimative edition โ€” 7279 rubles* officially premiere games starting PlayStation 5 line even in Russia is announced on November 12, although sales of the console itself in the country will start a week later โ€” number 19.

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