In Russia, service centers are dismantling new gadgets into parts

To compensate for the shortage of components for the repair of equipment, Russian service centers began to disassemble new and used devices into parts. Kommersant also reports that the repair time will at least double, since equipment imported through parallel imports will be sent to the countries of original destination. Moreover, according to the online service for finding specialists & laquo; Profiโ€, the cost of repairing smartphones in the second quarter increased by 11% year-on-year and by 5% compared to the first quarter.

As for laptops, in both cases, the figure was 6%. Alexey Dudin, head of the development department of the Network of Computer Clinics, told the publication, the price tag for repair services remained the same, but the price of spare parts increased.

According to him, retailers are especially interested in supplies, as this minimizes losses from write-off. More on CCeit Exclusive: Xbox Series X will appear on Ozon in the near future M.

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