In The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance Found Co-op Regime

At the very end of March, Edmund McMillen released the Repentance supplement for the bagel The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. And in it, as it turned out, the secret opportunity to play in a cooperative with another is hidden. As the NME edition explains, the creators of custom modifications soon after the release of the add-on found in it unknown networktest command.

As it turned out, its introduction opens the opportunity to start an online cooperative session through a debuggger program. This is the first time that an official appears in the games of The Binding Of Isaac series cooperative.

And its existence has not been mentioned in the list of new features of the supplement. Probably because it is still unstable and players often experience problems with synchronization.

Although the official cooperative has not yet been announced, players have a number of opportunities to go through the game with a friend. Specifically, with the help of the free program to capture the desktop Parsec.

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