In the course of Guerrilla Collective revealed a fresh trailer of The Lightbringer

Not long ago, Polish studio Rock Square Thunder announced a debut project, platform puzzle The Lightbringer. And now, during the show Guerrilla Collective, presented almost two minutes of direct game process. In The Lightbringer the world is amazed by some spoilage, and the hero‘s sister tried to clean it, restoring ancient monoliths.

However, the mission ended in failure, but now its spirit accompanies us, points the way and prompts ways to survive. The developers are betting on the exploration of the world: it is promised to make it full of secrets, surprises and dangers.

And in general, the studio wants players to remember the early, classic parts of The Legend of Zelda. The game will be released on RS and Nintendo Switch, and it should happen โ€œsoonโ€.

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