In the first episode of “Superman and Lois”, Supermans son played in Injustice 2

Yesterday, the premiere of the new series The CW about Superman and Lois, in which fans found a variety of references. Apart from nods to films and comics about the hero, the authors of the series did not make it past video games either. According to the story, one of Clarks two sons, Jordan Kent, in one of the episodes enthusiastically plays and Injustice 2.

And when Clark himself comes into the room and says that a good Superman came out of his child, it turns out that Jordan is fighting against the evil Clark from the game for Ryden. Superman is boring — I play for Ryden.

Jordan KentChildren of Lois and Clark at the time of the start of the first episode do not know about the alter ego of their own father. By the way, the premiere episode received quite high ratings of viewers, while the impressions of critics were less enthusiastic, but also very positive.

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