In the footsteps of Cyberpunk 2077: the main one from the investigation into Dying Light 2 problems

We have repeatedly talked about the problematic production of a number of games – whether its Mass Effect: Andromeda, Anthem, Cyberpunk 2077 or some other high-profile releases. Most of the mistakes in development were the same: there was no clear vision of the final product, many things were often redone and thrown out, specialists burned and left, and eventually the team for a year and a half on the knees collected at least something remotely similar to the game. All this, according to Kirk McKeans investigation for The Gamer, is inherent and Dying Light 2.

The game was originally planned to be released a year ago (and not publicly they wanted to send it on sale in 2019), but since that time the project has already been significantly redone – and not once. many things stated at the announcement have long been refused – yes, removed global nonlinearity with the impact of player actions on the city, as well as all the achievements of Chris Avellon.

The current scenario is referred to as a dump of incoherent ideas. Most complain about the head of the company Pavel Marchevka.

He makes all minor decisions, slows down processes and can cancel months of work — moreover, there have been cases when he has abandoned previously approved ideas. According to the staff, Marchevka is very influenced by the outside and actively monitors social networks.

At the same time, he does not listen to his workers. In general, developers constantly have to argue for some ideas instead of conducting healthy discussions.

All this creates a hostile atmosphere, and truly talented specialists leave the studio – they just get tired of working in constant conflicts. In the yard 2021, Dying Light 2 is not visible or heard, although it was originally wanted to be released two years ago.

Globally, this is everything: the material also reports that the company attracted specialists from large studios like EA and Ubisoft, but in the end it did not help because managers continued to stifle them. But the current investigation has one hallmark: Techland head Pavel Marchevka spoke about the situation on his part.

Most of the problems he led to the fact that in the studio constantly trying to come up with something new, so aggressive discussions arise. Along with it, he denied any humiliations of employees, and said he was concerned for the welfare of the workers.

In addition, during the year he will launch courses to improve communication within the team. More on Arkham Horror Gambling: Mothers Embrace will be released March 23 Games Operators shares fall after the release of Rustler Tomorrow in Yakuza: Like a Dragon will add Russian.