In The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, gamers will have to save the country of video games

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia was announced – this is a satirical action game about the confrontation between a three-dimensional (well, not quite) hero with two-dimensional villains seeking to turn the whole world into 2D. Developers promise to tell a funny but dark story in which Nostalgaya, the land of video games, is once again transformed into two-dimensional due to mysterious pixelation. But all is not lost, as there is still hope for salvation – the hero is waiting for numerous battles in the style of Dark Souls, under the comments of a sarcastic and cynical narrator who despises the character.

Besides Moreover, the authors of The Last Hero of Nostalgaia promise to implement a cooperative online, and players have prepared various types of armor and weapons with their own features. The game will be released in 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series and pc.

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