In the morning with suitcases to Madrid, sign at Feyenoord in the evening

The transfer from Cyriel Dessers to Feyenoord works out well. The Belgian striker is overjoyed that De Kuip is allowed to play football.
Dessers is rented by Feyenoord from KRC Genk, where he had landed on the couch. Clarity came quickly in the talks with Feyenoord. โ€œI knew they were looking for another striker. In mid-August, I had a first conversation with the trainer, eventually it came by the last day,โ€ says Dessers to Sport/Football magazine.
โ€œThat was the most bizarre day of my life. You leave for Madrid in the morning with the suitcase and think you‘re going to live there in the coming months, and late at night sign for Feyenoord. That was a rollercoaster of emotions,โ€ says Dessers, who would actually play for a Spanish club. โ€œAs a player, you no longer have it in control at that time, you are totally dependent on what is being decided at that time in different boardrooms, in Madrid, in Antwerp, in Genk, in Rotterdam. At that time, I didn’t have any influence on that anymore; it was just waiting for the decisive phone call. How many times it has turned that day for various reasons… If that had been filmed and a documentary would be made out of it, it could win prizes.โ€
Dessers sees that a fresh breeze is blowing through Feyenoord. โ€œThat group was already so well put together when I came. It clicks, then it‘s much more pleasant to get in somewhere. Our trainer Arne Slot is tactically top, who thinks so many steps forward. Just when an opponent thinks they know how we’re going to go about it, he makes up something else to surprise them. That fascinates me, and he is also a very good field trainer and he is also very clear in what he wants. Then you don‘t have to ask for any further explanation. That’s great for players.โ€