In the new video Total War: Rome Remastered featured gameplay for Galls

The authors of Total War: Rome Remastered presented a new gameplay video of the project, where they played for the Galls. The new version added 16 new factions, for which you can now try to conquer Rome. In total, there were 22 possible sides to the conflict in the original, but now the choice has been greatly expanded.

The people of the Gauls always vexed the Romans, but in this case the developers decided to go a little further and send them to capture the city to later try to hold it in their hands – and all its in 30 moves. At the heart of the army of Gauls are lightly armed units supported by heavy swordsmen and cavalry of barbarians.

For the further victory of Gaul, its provinces were made military, strengthening power and economy โ€” the latter was especially helped by the invasion of Spain. In the end, the capture of Rome was achieved, but the price turned out to be high – three large settlements were rubbed, and the empire itself literally began to crack at the seams.

Total War: Rome Remastered is released April 29. Owners of the original Rome: Total War will be able to purchase the remaster for half the price.

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