In the picture: National Guard is present in and around Capitol

How did violent Trump followers invade Washington Capitol last week? And why did it take so long to intervene?

The American authorities seem to have learned from what went wrong in ratifying the electoral votes in Congress exactly a week ago. Now that the House of Representatives is together to vote on another attempt to depose President Trump, security has been greatly increased.

The National Guard is everywhere in and around the building, can be seen in these special pictures:

The members of the National Guard have been in Washington since Friday and will remain there until the inauguration of Joe Biden on 20 January. Its 15,000 troops. Theyve been armed since today. Even after the storm of the Capitol, threats have continued to come from extremists who want to harm politicians.

The National Guard was also present at the inauguration of Trump. According to Reuters press agency, there were 8000 troops on their feet at that time.

Violence is feared in the run-up to and during the inauguration of Biden. Several groups have indicated that they will demonstrate, with their weapons at their disposal.

Thats why the National Guard forces are now armed, writes The New York Times. Previously, it was seen as a step too far to militarize the Capitol. โ€œWe want our members to be able to defend themselvesโ€, says a National Guard spokesman.

The National Guard consists of reservists and falls under the responsibility of both the states and the federal government.