In the picture: the lava continues to flow on La Palma

The Canary island of La Palma has been hit hard by earthquakes and lava flows in recent days. Much of the island has been flooded with lava, some 150 houses have been destroyed.

The natural violence and damage in the picture.

Today, people were evacuated again, like here in the Todoque district, in the small town of Los Llanos. Many residents fear that they won‘t find their home undamaged:

Because the lava keeps flowing. It was initially expected that Monday night would reach the sea, but it is slower than expected.

When the time comes, toxic gases may be released. Before the lava reaches the sea, it comes across other things in its path:

There have been no deaths or injuries on the island, and some residents in the danger zone are also spared the house. This El Paraiso native was very lucky:

A new earthquake last night with a force of 3.8 created a crack in the volcano, from which the lava runs.

Tourists leave the island in the meantime. They don’t feel like staying in a shelter and fly home as soon as they can. โ€œThe lady we stayed with doesn‘t know if her house is still standing. It’s terrible.โ€

That‘s how it started Sunday afternoon, with earthquakes and a volcanic eruption. This TV reporter didn’t know what happened to her:

That same night the lava came from several craters and the wide area was covered in the lava:

Monday morning the lava reached the first residential areas on the island. About five thousand people had already been evacuated at that time, including five hundred tourists: