In the PS Store, the remake of Final Fantasy VII fell in price – returned the price before the September rise in price

Square Enix adjusted the price of the remake of Final Fantasy VII in Russia – now the game is sold again for 3999 rubles. The last six months the full cost was 4999 rubles. The game went up in price at the end of September, when Sony independently raised prices for more than 800 games in Russia‘s PS Store.

Both fresh releases from major publishers and old projects by independent developers appeared on the list. Over time, a few companies manually returned old prices for their games, among which were Risk of Rain 2 (from 2149 to 1789 rubles), โ€œAvengersโ€ (from 4999 to 3999 rubles) and Battlefield V (from 4999 to 4279 rubles).

Now the Final Fantasy VII remake is only available on PS4, but this year, it is rumored that the game will be re-released for PS5 and PC. More on CCeit Has not become the actress who played Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters in Resident Evil Village Insider: Death Stranding will get new story content on PS5 and PS4 For Immortals Fenyx Rising released โ€œNew Godโ€ add-on โ€” release trailer.