In the simulator Hotel Architect promise insane problems and moody guests

The independent Swedish studio Pathos Interactive, known for Bannermens medieval strategy, has announced its new project. And this is a management simulator of Hotel Architect, resembling both Prison Architect and Theme Hotel. In Hotel Architect we have to build hotels in a variety of locations for different types of customers .

As an architect, we are engaged in planning and design, and in the role of manager we take care of recruitment, logistics, cope with crazy problems and try to impress the most discerning guests. So that we can cope with a difficult task, we will be given three advisers.

Accountant will deal with loans and financial reports, the manager will find sponsors and offer new services for the hotel, and the lawyer will not only protect the hotel from claims, but will also act as a negotiator with potential Investors. So far, the release date of Hotel Architect does not have, but it has to go to the RS.

You can already apply for participation in beta testing on the official website. More on CCeit โ€œAfrofuturistic RPGโ€ We Are The Caretakers already in early access Nursing Home or Death: Just Die Already is released on May 20 The edition of Rogue Spirit will take 505 Games.