In the State Duma see no harm in video games – they are even useful

On the background of yesterdays tragedy in Kazan, the discussion of the need to further control the video game market in Russia was once again raised โ€” the Senator of the Council of Federations suggested Alexander Bashkin. However, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Information Policy Andrey Svintsov in a fresh interview โ€œSays Moscowโ€ called restrictions on the sale of games excessive, redundant and unpromising. โ€œThere is no specific harm from computer games.

If there are some people with mental disabilities, then there should be certain restrictions for them, but these deviations should be found by doctorsโ€ . According to Svintsov, some games can be introduced certain limitations – for example, where the player acts as a villain and shoots the civilian population.

However, what restrictions are a complex question. Age just dont work – no one is watching it.

โ€œThe big brother will buy, and then the younger will sit down at the computer and play. Such a restriction plan will not yield results.

Or such games should simply be banned, but they will be allowed in other countries. The man downloads and will playโ€ .

The deputy does not see the direct impact of games on crimes – moreover, before he himself played with friends, including shooters. However, it did not occur to anyone and โ€œit did not occur toโ€ to go kill someone in real life.

โ€œIts on the contrary even unloaded the psyche, when a lot of lessons โ€” everything in tension will go for two hours to a computer club. There played, steam went out, and we were tired going home doing lessons and going to bed.

Just so limiting the games themselves is unpromising. โ€ Svintsov believes that the perpetrator of yesterdays shooting, at least under interrogation, was โ€œinaneโ€.

Hardly games brought him to such a state โ€” the deputy suggests that problems may have arisen in personal life, relationships in the family or with acquaintances. โ€œIt seems to me that the roots come from his current and everyday pastime, some personal grievances.

Most likely, it is dissatisfaction and lack of success of personal. โ€ Yesterday in Kazan there was a tragedy โ€” an armed teenager came to 175 school, who opened fire in the building.

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