In the synematics of the second season of Black Ops Cold War, heroes set off into the jungle

Treyarch released a cinematic trailer for the second season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, where the characters go into the jungle in search of villains and gas deposits of โ€œNova 6. The video shows a couple of battle scenes, and also present several new operatives at once. The key was Naga – he also on the poster of the operation.

Probably, it will be issued at the first level to all buyers of the next battle pass. Also show new types of weapons, among them an automatic crossbow and a minigan.

In addition, the developers called the start date of the new season – 25 February. According to the story (yes, now in multiplayer and royal battle is developing the plot with the heroes of the campaign) Adler was taken hostage, and heroes have to save it – well, and in the passing fight with opponents and destroy deadly gas.

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