In the video about the creation of “Fast Furner 9”, the authors destroyed a lot of machines

The authors of the ninth Fast and Furious presented a new video about the creation of the picture, where they demonstrated various dangerous stunts. Their most part, which is not surprising, concerned various vehicles & mdash; judging by the video, the latter were destroyed a lot. Cars fly through the air, explode and perform other wonders of acrobatika.

The plot of the film itself tells how another attempt to get a quiet life becomes a problem for Dominic (Vin Diesel). He is hampered by his brother Jacob (John Cena), who wants to destroy the protagonist and his relatives.

To stop the madman, Dominic once again assembles a team with which he will go to adventures in different parts of the Earth. More on CCeit By The Division announced a free game — Heartland New add-on Assassins Creed Valhalla can turn around in Muspelheim Bend published 12 screenshots Days Gone for PC.