In the world of Survive the Fall after the fall of asteroids came eternal autumn

Independent Polish studio Angry Bulls has announced their new project, and it is a strategic survival survivor Survive the Fall. Her action is set in a world in which the apocalypse came after asteroids fell to Earth in 2023. And those who managed to survive, have to survive in the world of eternal awase.

Survive the Fall combines elements of an open world, tactical strategies and management of the settlement. So it can be compared simultaneously with XCOM, Wasteland and Fallout.

Players will have to survive in the world of changed climate, find associates and establish with them a new city. Residents of the world of eternal autumn are threatened by hunger and cold, lack of resources and predators prowling in the forests.

Players will have to master crafts, find valuable items and technologies in the nearest destroyed villages and learn what asteroids brought with them to the Earth. Studio Angry Bulls is still not known, although she assures that its employees have considerable experience in the gaming industry.

In addition to Survive the Fall, the studio is working on the โ€œhistoricโ€ real-time strategy of Build and Discover: America. Both projects do not have release dates.

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