In Turbulence โ€” Airplane Survival Simulator we need to save a falling plane

We have written repeatedly about the Polish studio True Games, which was the fruit of collaboration between Movie Games publishing house and the famous computer graphics company Platige Image. Its mission was the release of high-budget adventure-gangster games in historical realies. The subsidiary first announced Gangster Simulator, but now the game has been taken over by Movie Games.

True Games is still still working on Dirty Cop Simulator, and has now announced another project that is noticeably knocked out of the studios โ€œspecializationโ€. In adventure thriller Turbulence & mdash; Airplane Survival Simulator we have to be on board a plane that is about to crash.

Passengers are injured, the crew is unconscious, the systems are damaged, a fire starts on board, and everything will only be thin every minute. Players have to do everything possible to save the plane and the people on board.

To do this, you will have to learn the basics of the ambulance, quickly learn the liners device, fix the most important mechanisms, calm passengers and take control. prioritize correctly and decide what to grab at once and what can wait.

For sure it wont get right the first time, but next time the weather conditions may be completely different. Turbulence โ€” Airplane Survival Simulator is nothing yet is known.

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