In Watch Dogs Legion teaser: Bloodline revealed snap of Aiden story

Ubisoft, in honor of the recent 7th anniversary of the first Watch Dogs, published an intro of Bloodlines story supplement for Watch Dogs: Legion โ€” DLC will be released in early July. In it, Aiden Pearce is recruited by old acquaintance Geordie Chin with an offer to go to London for film work. The hero, who is hiding in a car somewhere in Chicago, until the last refused to take a job – however, remembering that now a nephew in the capital of England, silently agrees.

How long will the addition get – so far the question. In it there will be another acquaintance, Ranch from the second Watch Dogs.

Both Pierce and Ranch will become playable characters – for them you can pass the entire main campaign โ€œLegionโ€. Today, patch 4.

5 was released for the game – with it the developers made a lot of changes and added new content: the PC started testing the zombie mode โ€œLegion of the Deadโ€ ; on PS5 and Xbox Series added a mode with 60 FPS new mission for online โ€” โ€œProject Omniโ€ added crossgen multiplayer game start adjusted โ€” now it leaks & laquo; fasterโ€ started the second season with 80 new awards reduced the complexity of the Kop-taskedUpdating takes from 16 to 39 gigabytes depending on the platform. More on the Gambling Netflix did not soften the intolerant phrases of โ€œBrotherโ€ translated Spirit of the Island continues the traditions of Stardew Valley, Moonlighter and Zelda At the ceremony E3 2021 awards will be held on June 15.