In Watch Dogs: Legion will add a bagel with zombies – and tomorrow

Tomorrow for Watch Dogs: Legion will release a major update with a โ€œsurpriseโ€, which turned out to be the mode with zombiesโ€œLegion of the Deadโ€. At first, it will be added only on the PC, because it is still cheesy. The regime is a cooperative bagel where the squad has to reach the point of evacuation.

Along the way, it is necessary to fend off the walking dead and the military, as well as collecting resources – the more, the more successful the mission. Together with this, IGN journalists showed 21 minutes of gameplay.

Update 4. 5, in addition to zombie mode, will add support for 60 frames per second on PS5 and Xbox Series, an operative, a set of cooperative tasks, crossgen-multiplayer and certain rewards.

The next patch will come out in a month – a story addition will finally appear with it. More on CCeit In Abriss we have to build to destroy Sony Bend itself undertook the transfer of Days Gone to PC in order to avoid โ€œlazhaโ€ โ€œSoyuzmultfilmโ€ will be engaged creating developing mobile games.