In Winery Simulator we will be allowed to taste the prepared wine

Polish studio Live Motion Games, known for Train Station Renovation, announced its new simulator. And Winery Simulator is dedicated to winemaking. Players will get at full disposal an old, abandoned vineyard.

And he has to return its former glory and glory. But you will have to start almost from scratch: remove sick and infected vines, plant new ones and grow our own grapes.

From the fruits of our own vineyard, we can start making wine. To do this, you will have to purchase the necessary equipment, presses and barrels, and at the same time to equip the cellar for aging and storing wine.

The quality and variety of wine will be influenced by many different factors, from time to time creation before storage conditions. And with the help of tasting it will be possible to determine the optimal recipe and create your own unique wine.

And for the proceeds to expand the winery. Winery Simulator goes on Steam, the release date has not yet been named.

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