In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to return points of valor

Blizzard is preparing another major World of Warcraft update: Shadowlands. Patch 9. 0.

5 is due out in March, it is already available on the test server. Blizzard assures that it is entirely devoted to responding to player requests and game systems, and new story chapters do not open.

Two main changes have already been announced. Developers want to finalize the Great Storage system, which for many players turned out to be the only source of getting improved equipment.

And to begin with, make it available for viewing anywhere: before it had to put a special addon. In mythical dungeons you can earn a number of achievements of the series โ€œKey & raquo;, each of which will raise the reward level up to 220.

And the new temporary currency, Valor, will allow further improvement of individual items. Reprocessing of raid mining is also planned, but, as Yon Hazzikostas explains, such large-scale changes are difficult enter in the middle of a raid shooting.

So, most likely, those who do not go to the โ€œkeysโ€ will have to wait for the opening of a new raid. The patch will also affect legendary items and the balance of covenants.

But Blizzard does not want to disappoint those who have invested a lot of energy in their choice, so will engage in low-demand branches and mediums. In particular, a number of class and general skills of Necrolordes and Ventirovs.

In patch 9. 0.

5 the night folk will be able to get new looks of the soul. And dataminers have already found in the game files two new mounts: Sapphire Firelight and Firefox.

They are intended for some promotions, perhaps will be the next rewards for renewing the subscription for six months ahead. More on CCeit Belarusian strategy Kapital: Sparks of Revolution presented at LUDI Rumor: hackers stole personal data of former employees of CD Projekt RED 1C presented Ved โ€” Latvian role-playing game with moving between worlds.