In Zorros adventure The Chronicles will allow you to choose the gender of the protagonist

Polish-Canadian-American team of studios BKOM and BTC announced a joint project. This adventure action film Zorro The Chronicles, inspired by both the cult legend about the hero robber, and the games Arkham Asylum, Spider-Man and Assassins Creed. Regarding the personality of the main hero developers adhere to the classic version: after a long absence, don Diego de la Vega returns to Spanish California of the 19th century and discovers that the power in his native lands has seized greedy and ruthless Captain Monasterio.

Because to challenge an entire army into the open Diego can not, he uses a legend about the hero fox Zorro. And so that players can play as a female character, he came up with a sister Ines, who can take over all the dressing and fighting.

Players will be able to develop the skills of the chosen hero and use Preferred style of play: immediately rush with the fight on the Swords or use stealth, exploration, traps and ambushes to eliminate them singly, remaining unnoticed. Zorro The Chronicles will come out in year-end on RS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

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