Inattentive goalkeeper bangs Norway, Northern Ireland completes comeback against Kosovo

Norway choked on a visit to Slovenia in the Nations League on Saturday evening. The Norwegians got the lead because of Erling Haaland, but forgot to lock the game and got the lid on their nose. Northern Ireland received Kosovo in-house and reversed quite a backlog in the final phase.
Slovenia – Norway 2-1 Norway started the game as group head in Division B and that was also reflected in the game. Fredrik Aursnes and Jรถrgen Strand-Larsen started on the bench, but entered the field in the second half. The Norwegians had by far the most possession of the ball, but Slovenia was defensively well prepared and did not allow much. It prevented the scoring in the first half, although the Norwegians were stronger.

Yes, you shouldn‘t do this with Haaland around ๐Ÿ™ˆ Fumbling in Slovenia’s defense is mercilessly punished harshly by the striker and Norway is ahead ๐Ÿ™Œ #ZiggoSport #NationsLeague #SVNNOR
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) September 24, 2022

In the second half, Norway shot out of the starting blocks, but that was mainly due to the home team. After defensive fumbling in the build-up, the ball came in front of Haaland, who put Norway ahead. In the quarter that followed, Norway forgot to double the gap and Slovenia came alongside Andraz Sporar twenty minutes before time. Ten minutes before, Slovenia even got the lead after a nice action by Benjamin Sesko, although goalkeeper Orjan Nyland looked anything but good in the counter goal.

Anybody still a free goalie? ๐Ÿ˜… At Slovenia, world goalkeeper Oblak is below the bar, but in Norway they have to make do with clueless Nyland… ๐Ÿ‘€ And so it stands 2-1 for Slovenia ๐Ÿ™ˆ #ZiggoSport #NationsLeague #SVNNOR
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) September 24, 2022

Norway was still ahead in the final phase, but was no longer able to force the equaliser, although the Norwegians shouted for a penalty after a dive by Morten Thorsby. Because of the victory, Norway remains at ten points, but the country is still a leader. Slovenia is third with seven points and can still hope for a second place in the final round.
Northern Ireland – Kosovo 2-1Northern Ireland took on paper-stronger Kosovo at home and fell behind in the second half by Vedat Muriqi. However, the Northern Irish felt strong and reached the same level ten minutes before time by Gavin Whyte. After the equaliser, faith was back with the home team and even became 2-1 in injury time by Joshua Magennis.
The victory puts Northern Ireland at five points and thus holds third place. Kosovo is second with six points and is missing an opportunity to get closer to Greece, which is still flawless after four duels.