Independent investigation into London police after Sarah Everard murder

The British government has an independent investigation into the police in London following the rape and murder of Sarah Everard by a cop.

The murder has โ€œexposed unimaginable police flaws,โ€ says British Interior Minister Patel. โ€œIt is repulsive that a police officer on duty could abuse his position of power and trust to commit such a horrible crime. We need to know how all this has happened to make sure that such a thing is never repeated again.โ€

The agent, 48-year-old Wayne Couzens, received a life sentence last week with no chance of early release. Police in London have already launched their own investigation.

Couzens Behavior Investigated

Patel says the new investigation will consist of two parts: Couzens behavior leading up to the murder and the internal culture of the police force. This concerns, for example, how Couzens behaviour has not been identified as problematic before. According to The Guardian, he was called โ€œthe rapistโ€ by former colleagues and publicly showed his genitals on two occasions.

33-year-old Everard walked on the street in London one night in March when she was stopped by Couzens. He claimed she violated lockdown rules and forced her into a car. Everard was raped and strangled by the cop in a forest. The story sparked many discussions about womens safety on the street.