Indie publisher Crytivo told how Farm Folks simulator will change

Independent publishing house Crytivo announced its purchase in spring: the studio has officially bought out the rights to Farm Folks casual village life simulator and will act as its developer and publisher. Work on the game was started by a small Australian studio, Overgrown, and Farm Folks turned out to be the first project to be published by Crytivo. In 2018, the game successfully passed Kickstarter, raising nearly $70,000.

The problems started over time and were further exacerbated by the pandemic. In 2020, it became clear that the developers would not be able to complete the project as planned.

And then Crytivo bought back all rights to it. The original Farm Folks documentation was incomplete, and the transferred files were already out of date.

So Crytivo decided to completely get rid of what was not on the level and build the game on a new, solid foundation. For this, the publishing house has assembled a new team of talented developers.

Crytivo plans to make a beautiful game that will provide freedom and flexibility in farm building, management, relationship with NPCs, variety of tools and customization of characters and props. Players are promised a life simulator with the flavor of a real farm game.

This will use state-of-the-art technical solutions and approaches. Specifically, cooperative mode for four.

Farm Folks early alpha testing is due to start in February 2022 and will be automatically accessed by all contributors. And, although all the funds raised have already been spent by the original developers, Crytivo is going to deliver on all the promises made to contributors.

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