Indonesian army command confirms find wreck of submarine, 53 dead

The missing Indonesian submarine has been found, confirms the military leadership of the Southeast Asian country. The 53 crew members have died, Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto also announced. Earlier it became clear that the vessel had sunk.

The KRI Nanggala-402 disappeared on Wednesday during an exercise about 95 kilometers off the coast of Bali. The submarine was located in the following days, but there was still some doubt as to whether it was actually the vessel in question.

Three pieces

The 60-metre long submarine made in Germany was found on Sunday at a depth of more than 800 meters with the help of a diving robot. Turns out the wreck was broken into three pieces. โ€œWith this authentic proof, we can confirm that the KRI Nangala-402 has sunk and that all 53 sailors have died,โ€ Marshal Tjahjanto said Sunday in a press conference.


fact that wreckage and equipment from the submarine had already been found, it was already clear that the submarine had been in serious trouble. In addition, there was no chance of survivors because the supply of oxygen on board was out on Saturday morning.

Before announcing the military leadership, Indonesian President Joko Widodo gave his condolences to the relatives of the crew. โ€œAll Indonesians express our deep grief at this tragedy, especially towards the families of the crew,โ€ the President said.