Indonesian test scam: scammers reused test rods at airport

In Indonesia, about 10,000 passengers were tested at the airport with already used corona test rods. Thats what the Indonesian police say. According to the police, the creators of this plan would have made thousands of dollars from it.

Five employees of a leading Indonesian pharmaceutical company Kimia Farma were arrested on 27 April for reusing test sticks from passengers at Sumatra Airport. As in many other countries, a negative test result is required before you are allowed to board an aircraft. The necessary tests are sold at the airport. So the scammers of the pharmaceutical company sold already used test rods and put the proceeds in their own pocket.

According to CNN, the police of Sumatra claim to investigate the exact number of passengers who have been the victim of this. โ€œThey started this on 17 December 2020. If they had around 50 to 100 customers every day, they would have ripped around 10,000 people,โ€ says a spokesperson for the Indonesian police.


Probably, given the seriousness of the crime, the scammers are over 15 years in prison. One of the suspects is the company manager of the pharmaceutical company. According to the police, there was an extensive division of duties among the suspects. This ranged from washing the test swabs used to repacking the tests and delivering the results to the laboratory.

According to CNN, police found used test rods, recycled packaging material and 149 million rupiah. This would amount to about 8300 euros. The Indonesian Minister of State Enterprises has announced on Twitter that the scammers are facing a severe punishment.