Industry worries Starfield could suffer 150,000 lines of dialogue

Some in the industry have voiced their concerns about Todd Howards recent announcement that Starfield will have 150,000 lines of dialogue โ€” this could allegedly affect The Coalitions Senior Narrative Designer Vin Rush, who worked on the Gears of War series, noted that implementing such a large scenario would require a lot of work, not only for screenwriters, but also for other dev departments. According to him, its not only time but quality, because even the most experienced and attentive teams can get entangled in so many lines. Joining Rushs misgivings was Bungies narrative designer Robert Brooks.

He said that 150,000 lines of dialogue would take more than 500 hours of sessions, provided the actors were good at the task and several studios and sound engineers were not working on the recording simultaneously. As a reminder, Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series.

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