Influent after injury Velthuizen: ‘I am responsible for’

Piet Velthuizen had a very disappointing return on the Dutch fields on Sunday. The closing post started under the bar at Fortuna Sittard against FC Groningen, but had to leave the field after twenty minutes of playing with an injury. Fortuna trainer Sjors Ultee feels guilty.

Velthuizen left the field after twenty minutes of playing with a muscle injury. โ€œI am responsible for that. In retrospect I should not have put up Piet yet, even though he left an excellent impression on trainingsโ€, Ultee starts talking with the Algemeen Dagblad.
Fortuna had to switch quickly, when Yannick van Osch was injured and Alexei Koselev was busy with a transfer. The club went looking for a transfer-free goalkeeper. โ€œInitially with the idea that they would come as a reserve keeper and be trained slowly. They all knocked off the boat. Piet, on the other hand. Come on, he said. Very brave. Doesnt every goalkeeper dare. It draws the drive he still has,โ€ says Ultee.
For his contract signing with Fortuna, Velthuizen participated in the SC Telstar of Andries Jonker. โ€œPiet played here for a very small apple and an even smaller eggโ€, explains the Telstar coach. โ€œBut that didn
t bother him. He wanted to fight his way back, and he radiated it. However, there was one problem: we didnt get him fit. Then we decided together to stop. Too bad, because an experienced and colorful boy like Piet I would have liked to see under the Telstar lat.โ€