Informer Remkes: Societys patience put to the test in formation

The new informer Remkes believes that the course of the formation is putting patience in society to the test. Remkes was formally commissioned by Chamber President Bergkamp this afternoon. The House of Representatives wants the experienced VVD to investigate whether a minority cabinet can be formed from a combination of VVD, D66 and CDA as yet to be determined.

In a brief explanation of his approach, Remkes said that not only the visions of the parties differ, but also that relations should grow. He added that he โ€œsaw with some sense of irritation that the process was running into the slopโ€. The informer stressed that not he, but the parties themselves should do it.

If that stays the attitude, Ill be done fast

Remkes has not set itself an absolute deadline, โ€œbut a lot has to be clear in October.โ€ The informer hopes that the content can be discussed in the short term. About the many previous lengthy conversations, which ultimately didnt deliver anything, he said, โ€œIf that remains the attitude, Ill be done quickly.โ€

Remkes is confident that in the formation parties will eventually find each other and move over their own shadow. According to him, โ€œresponsible politicians should put their personal feelings aside if necessary.โ€ He hopes that yesterdays Chamber debate has conveyed a sense of urgency.

The informer believes that the formation is still to begin. โ€œAt times, on my retina, the image of a procession of Echternach came on my retina,โ€ said Remkes, referring to the three steps forward, two backwards with which that procession is associated.

The informer immediately started his talks this afternoon. He successively received VVD leader Rutte, D66 leader Kaag and CDA foreman Hoekstra. Kaag said afterwards that she also talked about her School lecture on Monday with Remkes, in which she spoke critically about Rutte.

According to her, the conversation went โ€œalong the lines of content and about the business approach that is so needed in politicsโ€. Tomorrow Remkes will talk to the leaders of PvdA, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie. He may also speak to other group chairmen later.

The informer stressed that a minority cabinet calls for a โ€œresponsible and constructive attitude, not just of the participating partiesโ€. When asked whether a majority cabinet is still possible, he replied that a minority cabinet is first on the agenda, โ€œbut that you can never rule out everything in this process.โ€

Hammer saw blockages

Last week Remkes predecessor Hamer concluded that negotiations on a majority coalition cannot begin. According to her, the parties cast โ€œout of the wide middleโ€ blockages. She called that unsatisfactory and unnecessary, and also denounced that parties are strongly guided by imaging.

Remkes, who was minister and deputy prime minister, is now acting commissioner of the king in Limburg. Bergkamp also updated King Willem-Alexander about the formation today.