Informer Remkes wont have an infinite patience

Informer Johan Remkes will have little patience for long formations that ultimately lead nowhere. Sources around the negotiating teams say he will keep a tight schedule.

โ€œThe image here is sketched by Remkes, who puts the names of Rutte, Hoekstra and Kaag on three seats. Remkes then invites them through parliamentary press cameras to sit on such a chair the next day,โ€ says political reporter Arjan Noorlander. โ€œTry to stay away.โ€

But Remkes wont do that right Monday. He starts by gauging what can be done. His mission of the House of Representatives is to investigate a minority cabinet of VVD, CDA and D66 or a combination of two parties. The one party option is not excluded, but is very unlikely.

D66 has indicated that it does not want to join VVD and CDA. The two parties want the largest minority of three parties as possible, so that the least possible other parties need to seek support in order to get laws and policies through them.

Together at the table

But Remkes does not want to spend too much time in this discussion and will try to force the parties to make choices, for example by putting the three together and negotiating finance, climate measures, extra money for education or the housing market.

Noorlander: โ€œHe certainly does not intend to have as much patience as former informer Hamer.โ€ During his press conference, Remkes already showed not much to share with parties that continue to put the heels in the sand. โ€œIf that attitude stays that way, Ill be done quickly,โ€ he said.

A majority cabinet has not yet been excluded, but Remkes wants to try to execute his Chambers assignment first.