Initiates: lockdown extended by three weeks

The demissionary cabinet will extend the lockdown by at least three weeks. This means that catering, cinemas and non-essential shops will remain closed until at least 2 March.

Thats what initiated report to De Cceit.

The shops that do not sell food can be opened for the collection of ordered items from 10 February. If the contamination rates continue to fall, the demissionary cabinet will also abolish curfew. Decision-making on this will follow at the end of

At the press conference on Tuesday, Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge (Public Health) are also expected to present a new roadmap. It should clarify the state of infection, hospital and hospital admissions and vaccinations at which certain restrictions are lifted.

Primary schools

After reopening of primary schools and abolishing curfew should follow reopening of secondary schools. After that, the contact professions such as hairdressers can get back to work. For the time being, most of the lockdown measures remain intact. The hospitality industry, museums, zoos and amusement parks will remain closed until 2 March.


reason to keep the lockdown upright for the time being is the advance of the British variant of the coronavirus. In its latest opinion, the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) calls the epidemiological situation in our country very vulnerable. It is likely that at present half of the number of infections is accounted for by the British variant, whose transmission is 49% higher.