Initiates: more visitors at funerals, extra requirement for FieldLab events

Apart from the fact that the terraces and shops can open under conditions and that the curfew disappears, the cabinet will announce more easing tonight. Thats what initiated report to DeccEit.

At funerals 100 visitors are allowed, there are now 50 more visitors. Also, it will be possible to take lessons for the theoretical exam for a driving licence. For the FieldLab events, the Cabinet wants to agree that they may not continue if there are more than 900 patients in the ICs in total. It will then be reviewed to see if the event can take place. Now 823 people are being nursed in intensive care units.

Moreover, the limit of 900 does not guarantee that FieldLab events can or can continue at any time; even with a lower IC-occupancy, the pilot event can be cancelled.

Canceling two major Fieldlab parties yesterday had a different reason than the number of IC patients. The 538 Orange Day in Breda did not take place because the mayor did not grant a permit after advice from the police on public order. And at the Startschotgala in Lichtenvoorde, the organisation itself decided to postpone the event.


Yesterday it was already known that on terraces there would be a maximum of two visitors per table, or several people belonging to one household. The terraces are likely to close at 18.00 hours.

Furthermore, there is almost certainly a maximum of the number of people who are allowed to sit on a terrace, depending on the space. But even on the largest terraces should never sit more than 50 people.


Retail trade could also be open without having to make an appointment. The closing time for non-essential stores goes to 20.00 hours. However, there will be a maximum of the number of customers that are in. In large stores, stewards must give shoppers directions.

It was already clear that from 26 April one day a week physical education will be allowed for HBO and university.

The press conference of demissionary Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge is expected tonight around 7pm and can be followed live at and NPO Politiek.